PhD. Boštjan Godec, [email protected]

Tomaž Torkar, [email protected]

Secretary and Quality manager
PhD. Barbara Mali, [email protected]

Senior Sector Adviser II
Ms Dejana Robič, [email protected]

Ms Dušanka Bohinc, [email protected]

Sector Manager – Accreditation of calibration laboratories (Sector Undersecretary)
PhD. Jure Zupančič, [email protected]

Sector Manager – Accreditation of testing laboratories (Sector Undersecretary):
PhD. Katja Otrin Debevc, [email protected]

Sector Manager – Accreditation of certification bodies (Sector Undersecretary)
PhD. Nataša Vesel Tratnik, [email protected]

Sector Manager – Accreditation of inspection bodies (Sector Undersecretary)
Mr Marko Verbovšek, [email protected]

Sector Manager – IT (Sector Undersecretary)
Mr Primož Šimon, [email protected]

Coordinators/Assessors (Senior Sector Adviser I)
M.Sc. Karmen Ribič, [email protected]
M.Sc. Franjo Kranjčević, [email protected]
M.Sc. Alenka Ličar, ale[email protected]
Gašper Jančigaj, [email protected]
Marko Radak, [email protected]
Andreja Jeušnik, [email protected]
Barbara Blažič, [email protected]
Daša Medvešček, [email protected]
PhD. Andreja Kandolf Borovšak, [email protected]

Accreditation Procedure Organisers
Natalija P. Čeh, [email protected]
Saša Matek, [email protected]
Nataša Laznik, [email protected]
Darja Đuković, [email protected]
Sara Pavlin, [email protected]
Sašo Jarc, [email protected]