Information on ILC/PTs

Information on organised ILC/PTs in the fields of testing, metrology and clinical medicine can be found on the EPTIS Base Website, where you can search through more than 2000 ILC/PT schemes of more than 250 providers worldwide:

  • EPTIS Base (testing, metrology, clinical medicine)

Below please find some additional addresses at which you can find useful information on ILC/PTs for various fields of testing, which have been communicated to us by their organizers. Please note that, by publishing these addresses, Slovenian Accreditation does not provide any information or guarantee on the quality of those ILC/PTs, nor give them any priority whatsoever over other ILC/PTs. Laboratories are recommended to obtain as much information as possible on the organisation and quality of a particular ILC/PT prior to deciding to participate in it. Requirements for the competence of organizers are provided by the standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 (Conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing).