Extension of scope

Details on the procedure of extending the scope of accreditation are provided in the document S03, Rules of accreditation.

How to extend or change the scope of accreditation?

Normally, an accredited CAB needs to apply for any extension, such as for:

  • extending an activity within an existing technical field,
  • adding a new technical field,
  • extending the activity to new sites.

Minor changes of scope of accreditation (e.g. improvement of measurement uncertainty, expansion of measuring range, minor changes in conformity assessment procedures) can be assessed by the assessor team during ordinary assessment, even if they have not been pre-announced, when they find that this can be done without having an essential impact on the schedule and contents of the assessment, and that they have the necessary competence.

What is the procedure of applying for and addressing an extension of scope of accreditation?

  1. The accredited CAB shall make an application using the same application form as for initial application, namely:

The accredited CAB may make an application for extension at any time. However, when the accredited CAB wishes SA to address the application for extension in the course of ordinary assessment, SA should normally receive the application on time, which usually means:

  • at least 3 months before the scheduled ordinary assessment in the case of extension of activity inside an existing technical field, provided that no additional technical assessors need to participate ;
  • at least 6 months before the scheduled ordinary assessment in the case of extension outside the technical field of the accredited activity.
  1. SA will carry out assessment for extension in the same way as surveillance or reassessment. SA may carry out assessment for extension:
    • in the course of ordinary assessment visit, provided that the accredited CAB has sent the application for extension in due time;
    • by an extraordinary surveillance assessment visit, when the accredited CAB has not sent the application for extension in due time, where the order of applications must be followed, the same as for initial assessment;
    • by an extraordinary surveillance assessment visit outside the order, when the accredited CAB sends in an application for extension which SA finds to be urgent (e.g. modifications of normative documents with short transitional period, so that extension according to regular procedure would not allow further performance of the accredited activity); and in individual cases also an extension which the accredited CAB finds to be urgent, but once in the assessment period, i.e. once between two reassessments, at the most;
    • by reviewing the documentation needed for the assessment of extension in special cases involving a minor change or complementation of the accredited activity.
  2. SA will address the nonconformities found, and decide on the extension of the scope of accreditation:
    • in the cases stated under first three indents above, following the same procedure as in ordinary assessments, and in the first case, at the same time as deciding on maintenance of accreditation after surveillance or reassessment;
    • in the case stated under last indent above, following a special procedure, as specified in  S03, Rules of accreditation.
  3. When SA decides to extend the scope of accreditation, it will issue a new Annex to the existing Accreditation Certificate. Surveillance of the extended scope of accreditation will be performed together with the surveillance of the scope of accreditation held by the client before the extension.