Notifying of changes

By signing the contract, the client undertakes, among other, to currently inform SA of any important changes related to his legal or economic status, ownership or organisation; management or key personnel; main operational policy; main resources; facilities, equipment, work procedures within the accredited activity; or any other elements that might affect the accredited activity. In the case of expected changes, the client must send to SA in advance a note about those changes and a plan of activities to adapt to the changes. In the case of unexpected changes, the client shall notify SA of the change immediately after its occurrence. Based on an estimation of the effects of the change, SA may ask the client to provide additional clarifications, or it will carry out extraordinary surveillance.

Of which changes must the client notify SA?

The client – signatory to a valid accreditation contract – must notify SA at least 3 months in advance of changes to his legal status, such as:

  • change of registration (e.g. change of the organisation’s name, address, activity, ownership, organisational form),
  • merger with another organisation, and at the same time dissolution of the legal entity who signed the contract with SA,
  • spin-off of a legal entity’s unit which holds accreditation,
  • transfer of activity to another legal entity  (e.g. sale of a department, whereby the old legal entity remains registered),
  • merger of two accredited CABs (merger of procedures and accreditations).

Along with the notice, the client has to provide the timescale and scope of changes.

Upon examination of the submitted documents, SA will decide on the necessary steps to maintain confidence in the accredited CAB, all by observing the principles of legal succession and gradual approach. The steps taken by SA in the case of different changes of legal status will vary. When SA finds it necessary to make an assessment visit in order to be able to decide as to the adequate fulfilment of accreditation requirements by the accredited CAB after the establishment of a new situation, this can be done either in the context of an ordinary surveillance visit, provided that this is not very remote in time, or by extraordinary surveillance. The possible measures of SA may include conclusion of a new contract and transfer or issuance of a new Accreditation Certificate and Annex thereto.

A more detailed explanation of addressing changes of clients’ legal status can be found in the document S03 – Rules of accreditation.

In accordance with the contract and the rules of accreditation, the client must also notify SA of other important changes, such as:

  • changes related to economic status,
  • changes in organisation or status of the accredited activity,
  • changes in key personnel (persons with managerial and/or technical responsibilities)
  • changes in management system (essential changes of policies, objectives, rules or procedures), and
  • changes in facilities, equipment or other key resources needed for the performance of the accredited activity.

In the case of expected changes, the client shall send an advance notice together with a plan of adaptation to the change. In the case of unexpected changes, he shall notify SA immediately after the occurrence of the change.