Reconfirmation of EA MLA for all areas of accreditation;

Extension of accreditation to include GHG reports verifiers;

Extension of ILAC MRA to include inspection bodies;

Extension of EA MLA to include accreditation of certification bodies for persons;

Extension of EA MLA to include inspection bodies and certification bodies for management systems and products; Signing of IAF MLA for certification bodies for management systems and products; EMAS

Modification in the organisation of accreditation procedure, and adaptation to the requirements of newly published ISO 17011;

Extension of accreditation to include a number of new technical fields and schemes;

Constant growth in the extent of assessments;

Renovation of corporate graphic image and introduction of new SA Mark;

Intensive growth of the number of accredited CABs;

Signing of EA MLA for testing and calibration laboratories;

Signing of ILAC MRA for testing and calibration laboratories;

Start of operation of Accreditation Committee (AC) and Sector Committees;

Initial EA evaluation for signing EA MLA for laboratories;

Obtaining full membership of ILAC and IAF;

Start of independent operation of Public Institute Slovenian Accreditation;

Upgrading existing and establishing new accreditation procedures;

Pre-evaluation for signing EA MLA;

Adopting the Decision on the Establishment of Public Institute SA;

First accreditations granted to inspection bodies and a certification body for products and EMS[BM2]

Accreditation Act published;

Starting gradual reorganization of the SMIS SA Sector into an independent organisation;

Starting inspection bodies accreditation;

Obtaining full membership of EA, and engaging in the procedure for signing MLA;

Publication of a new instruction on the mode of carrying out accreditation;

Obtaining associate membership of EA;

Renovating the organizational structure;

Strengthening cooperation with the Ministries;

Starting the procedure for associate membership of EAL and EAC (predecessor of EA)

Establishing the accreditation system;

Launching and performing first accreditation procedures;

Engaging in international cooperation and public information;