The client may lodge with SA an objection to notification of assessment when:

  • the client disagrees with the appointment of one or more than one member of the assessor team,
  • the client disagrees with the duration of the assessment,
  • the client disagrees with other conditions for performing the assessment, as defined in the notification.

What is the procedure for lodging and handling an objection to assessment?

  1. The client may lodge with SA a written objectionto assessment within 3 days of receipt of notification of assessment. In his objection, the client shall clearly explain and give grounds for his request.
  2. Based on explanations and opinions provided by the responsible persons within SA, the Director will make a decision and communicate it in writing to the client. When SA finds the grounds for objection unjustified, it will confirm in writing the original decision. Should SA find that a change of the conditions for performing the assessment is necessary, it will send to the client a changed notification of assessment within 5 days.

Read more on objections in the documents S03, Rules of accreditation, and D05-12, Appeals and objections to notification of assessment.