How to become an assessor

Slovenian Accreditation needs assessors/experts in various fields. In particular, candidates for assessors/experts need to be familiar with the respective field; if possible, they should have working experience in that field. They must know and understand the methods and criteria for assessing conformity.

The technical fields in which candidates for technical assessors are primarily invited to participate are as follow:


  • Acoustic quantities
  • Mechanical quantities: force, torque
  • Humidity


  • Lifts
  • Ex devices and installations
  • Motor vehicles – compliance with directives and national regulations


  • Cytotoxicity
  • EMC
  • Emissions into the air, immissions
  • Ex equipment
  • Geomechanics
  • Fuels and lubricants: petroleum and derivatives, coal, oils
  • Mechanics, materials testing, corrosivity, welding
  • Non-ionizing and ionizing radiation
  • Environment and samples from the environment; rock/soil testing
  • Software
  • Virology, BSE, TSE
  • Food (olive oils, sensory testing)


  • Sustainable forest management and traceability of timber
  • Persons: welders
  • GHG emissions reports verifiers
  • Products and processes: organic production and processing; approval of welding procedures; construction products; internal production control

SA organises appropriate training for the selected candidates for technical assessors. In the training process priority is given to candidates with a wider scope of technical knowledge (knowledge of test methods and techniques) and to the more experienced ones.

SA guidance document D03-04 (Assessors) provides detailed requirements to be met by assessors and experts in SA’s accreditation system. The document describes the procedure of recruiting new assessors, applications, candidate training procedure, and also the conditions for maintaining the assessor/expert status in accreditation system.

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