Requirements for participation ILC/PTs

Participation in relevant ILC/PTs, when available, is one of the criteria for the laboratory to obtain and maintain accreditation. When this is required for providing confidence in the laboratory’s results, it has to take part, regularly and within the relevant scope, in ILC/PTs. Participation requirements apply to all calibration and testing laboratories as well as other CABs that perform testing or calibration within their scope of conformity assessment procedures. For the accredited activities for which appropriate ILC/PTs are not practicable or available, the laboratory may use other ways of ensuring the quality of its results.

Slovenian Accreditation requires participation in ILC/PTs – when available – at least once before the grant of accreditation, and subsequently, at least once during the period between two reassessment visits (four years), in each of the larger sub-areas within the laboratory’s scope of accreditation.

For the needs of assessment visits, the laboratories shall report of their participation and the results using the form OB05-18, Proficiency testing review.

Particular attention in assessing a laboratory is paid to checking the control of the results of participation in ILC/PTs and to implementing corrective action in the case of deviations.

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