Application for accreditation

This stage can be summarised in the following steps:

  1. Become familiar with the general information on accreditation, the rules of accreditation, and the relevant accreditation requirements with regard to the type of conformity. SA general acts governing accreditation requirements and accreditation rules currently drawn up by the following documents and kept by SA as a public record (
  2. Contact us (by E-mail or by phone), to make arrangements for a free informative meeting.
  3. Send a completed application form to the SA Central Office, with regard to the type of conformity assessment body, as follows:
  4. SA will examine the application to find out whether the conditions for concluding a contract have been met. When SA finds that the accreditation procedure can start, it will send to the client a “Contract on establishment and maintenance of accreditation” for him to sign; otherwise, SA will advise the client of the reasons why the procedure cannot be started.
  5. SA will carry out the initial assessment in the shortest possible time, depending primarily on whether or not the client has applied for a technical field already in place, and whether SA has at its disposal the necessary technical assessors for the particular technical field.