Public Institute Slovenian Accreditation has been established with the aim of sustained and smooth performance of the assignments of a national accreditation service. SA maintains a professional, independent and impartial accreditation system, which:

  • allows the users to have confidence in the services provided by accredited CABs;
  • helps the Slovenian industry in achieving global competitiveness;
  • contributes to the promotion of international trade;
  • contributes to the improvement of quality of products and services and to increasing their safety.

Fundamental values

Professionalismimpartiality and independence are the fundamental values governing SA’s activities. Operation in the interest and to the satisfaction of the Founder, customers, consumers, employees, external associates as well as social environment, derive from its status of national accreditation service.


SA will carry out accreditation procedures in all sectors, in which there is a need and expressed interest, in accordance with the decision of the SA Board.

SA will continually maintain its internationally recognized status, which makes its accreditations respected both in Slovenia and internationally.

SA will operate efficiently to the satisfaction of all interested parties.