International cooperation

Slovenian accreditation takes an active part in the EA bodies, technical committees and task forces as well as in FALB, which enables it to have direct influence on the direction and implementation of accreditation policy in Europe. Participation in the work of EA is also one of the conditions for maintaining the MRA signatory status.

The main task of EA’s technical committees is to harmonize and develop accreditation procedures in all accreditation sectors. In the context of working meetings there is also opportunity for informal exchange of opinions as to the current issues of accreditation and the related support activities such as promotion of accreditation. Experts from different technical fields normally participate in EA’s task forces. These address technical issues, steer the technical work of EA’s committees and prepare various interpretation documents and guides.

SA’s representatives actively participate in the following technical committees of EA:

  • IC – EA Inspection Committee
    representative: Mr Marko Verbovšek
  • CC – EA Certification Committee
    representative: Ms Nataša Vesel Tratnik
  • LC – EA Laboratory Committee
    representative: Mr Jure Zupančič
  • HHC – EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee
    representative: Ms Barbara Mali
  • CPC – EA Communications and Publications Committee
    representative: Ms Dejana Robič