SA's activities


Accreditation is a technical, impartial and independent procedure used by a national accreditation service to officially attest that an accredited CAB is competent to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks. Accreditation represents one of the key pillars of the technical quality infrastructure of every country, as it contributes to the improvement of the quality of products and services, helps industry to achieve global competitiveness and contributes to the promotion of international trade.

Slovenian Accreditation (SA) performs accreditation procedures in all those areas in which there is a need and in which interest is expressed. Currently, it performs accreditation in the areas of testing, calibration, inspection, certification (of products, management systems and persons) and verification.

Education and training

SA organises education courses and seminars for the ministries and public administration institutions that are primarily intended to provide advice and support in the field of accreditation and other assessment or attestation of competence to the State administration.

Because of specific requirements for the competence of assessors (familiarity with standards, accreditation procedure requirements and assessment techniques), SA regularly organises and carries out multi-day assessor training courses, while by their gradual engagement in assessment procedures, we enable them to continue training and to gain practical experiences. For Slovenian assessors, SA organises additional education courses and meetings intended to share experience between the assessors and to harmonize their work; brief them on new or changed requirements and rules; and to upgrade their knowledge of the assessment techniques.


It is the duty and task of SA as the national accreditation body to provide advice in the field of accreditation to the ministries and to the State and public administration institutions, and to provide them with support. Support is offered in the form of meetings intended to communicate specific information on accreditation. We also organise seminars with more general topics about accreditation for civil servants, employees of the ministries and administrative authorities. For more detailed information please call us (+386 1 547 32 50), or e-mail your wishes to


It is the duty and task of SA as the national accreditation body to promote accreditation and to communicate these contents to all interested parties, such as the ministries, industry, customers and accredited CABs. It is important for everybody to be aware of the meaning of accreditation, of what it offers to them, and how accreditation procedure is carried out.

Accreditation is promoted through organising various events (Accreditation Day, participation in the implementation of the World Accreditation Day); publishing various informative brochures and other publications; through the Website; and in cooperation with partner organisations (SIST, MIRS), the ministries, interest and professional associations, and the media.