Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee steers the technical work of SA. Pursuant to the Decision on the Establishment of SA, the Committee may consist of maximum 16 members. Its composition allows for the participation of experts of all the parties interested in accreditation system of the Republic of Slovenia in such a way that none of the interests can prevail. The SA Director and the employees responsible for individual accreditation sectors are ex officio members of the Accreditation Committee; the other members are appointed by the SA Board.

The Accreditation Committee aligns the technical bases and interpretations with foreign practices and adopts technical interpretation documents needed for the explanation and interpretation of individual accreditation requirements and procedures. At the Director’s or Board’s initiative, the Committee communicates opinions on technical issues regarding accreditation system or performance of accreditation procedures.

According to the needs, the Accreditation Committee sets up Sector Committees (SCs) and coordinates their work. SCs include professionals from individual technical fields, and their composition allows a balance of interests. Sector Committees prepare the relevant interpretation documents or proposals of decisions for particular specific technical sectors, which they communicate to the Accreditation Committee for approval.

Sector Committees

  • Sector Committee for Inspection Bodies,
  • Sector Committee for Chemistry,
  • Sector Committee for Metrology,
  • Sector Committee for Microbiology,
  • Sector Committee for Medical Laboratories.

Current members of the Accreditation Committee

  • Mrs Vlasta Grašek, representative of state authorities
  • Mrs Anja Mozetič Lackovič, representative of state authorities (AC president)
  • Mr Jože Korbar, representative of assessors
  • Mrs Marjetka Strle Vidali, representative of standardization
  • Mrs Jožica Dolenc, representative of testing laboratories
  • Mr Miha Hiti, representative of calibration laboratories
  • Mr Matej Grum, representative of calibration laboratories
  • Mr Marko Vončina, representative of inspection bodies
  • Mr Marjan Suban, representative of certification bodies
  • Mr Mitja Virant, representative of industry
  • Mrs Katja Otrin Debevc,  SA Sector Manager – testing laboratories
  • Mr Jure Zupančič, SA – Sector Manager – calibrationg laboratories
  • Mrs Nataša Vesel Tratnik, SA Sector Manager – certification bodies
  • Mr Marko Verbovšek, SA – inspection bodies (Deputy Committee Chairman)
  • Mrs Barbara Mali, SA Quality manager
  • Mr Boštjan Godec, SA Director

The Management

Slovenian Accreditation (SA) is managed by the Director, who organises and manages the professional work and business policy of SA, represents SA without any limitations, and is responsible for professional work and the legitimacy of SA’s performance. The Director makes decisions in accreditation procedures and decisions concerning appeals. He moves internal regulations, programmes and some other documents to the SA Board for discussion and adoption, and adopts measures for their implementation.

Dr. Boštjan Godec is the current Director of SA.


Dr. Boštjan Godec,

Sector Manager – Quality of Accreditation system (Sector Undersecretary)
Dr. Barbara Mali,

Senior Sector Adviser II

Ms Dejana Robič,

Ms Dušanka Bohinc,

Sector Manager – Accreditation of calibration laboratories (Sector Undersecretary)
Dr. Jure Zupančič,

Sector Manager – Accreditation of testing laboratories (Sector Undersecretary):
Dr. Katja Otrin Debevc,

Sector Manager – Accreditation of certification bodies (Sector Undersecretary)
Dr. Nataša Vesel Tratnik,

Sector Manager – Accreditation of inspection bodies (Sector Undersecretary)

Mr Marko Verbovšek,

Sector Manager – Assessors (Sector Undersecretary):

Mag. Mija Renko,

Coordinators/Assessors (Senior Sector Adviser I)
Mag. Karmen Ribič,
Mr Mile Keser,
Mag. Franjo Kranjčević,

Accreditation Procedure Organisers
Ms Natalija P. Čeh,
Mr Primož Šimon,
Ms Saša Matek,
Ms Nataša Laznik,
Ms Darja Đuković,