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The technical sectors on which accreditation is performed can be found here.

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Accreditation is official recognition and attestation by an “accreditation body” of the competencies of CABs in precisely specified (technical) areas.

Certification is written assurance by a third party that a product, process or service conforms to specified requirements.

This information is available on the List of accredited CABs, where you can obtain different types of hits by using different filters.

You can obtain this information using the search engine, which is located on the entry page and at the top right (magnifying glass). Enter the sector (e.g. pressure) in the search engine and select Accredited bodies. The search engine will then find all the CABs containing the word sought in their scope of accreditation (e.g. pressure).

Slovenian Accreditation may make a decision to suspend accreditation (i.e., for maximum 6 months), or a decision to withdraw accreditation (permanent withdrawal of accreditation) of the complete scope or part thereof. Read more on this here.

Accreditation procedure

You can become an accredited CAB in the following steps.

A list of the technical fields in which SA is currently performing accreditation procedures is available under the section Areas of accreditation. By clicking on individual area you will find the information on the requirement for the competence of the CAB for that particular area.

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A flowchart of the complete event is shown here. The accreditation procedure takes place in several stages. Read all on the procedure under the section How to become an accredited CAB.

Find details on the procedure of extending the scope of accreditation under the section extension of scope.

Slovenian Accreditation will carry out extraordinary surveillance assessment when it possesses information showing disrespect of the requirements for accreditation or raising doubt as to the competence of the accredited CAB. Read more on the subject under the section Extraordinary surveillance.

Other useful information

Read more about the benefits and advantages of participating in interlaboratory comparisons under the section Participation in ILC/PTs.