ILAC and IAF marks

With the aim of making accredited reports and certificates recognizable on the international scale as well, the International Accreditation Cooperations, ILAC and IAF, have developed their own marks (ILAC MRA Mark and IAF MLA Mark, respectively), which are only used in combination with national accreditation marks of the MRA signatories.

Slovenian Accreditation (SA) is entitled to use both marks, while by signing a sub-license agreement (between SA and the accredited CAB), accredited laboratories, inspection and certification bodies can also obtain this right.

Slovenian Accreditation can offer for use the following marks:

  • ILAC MRA Mark to all its accredited laboratories under the terms stipulated by ILAC,
  • IAF MLA Mark to all its accredited certification bodies (in the fields comprised within the IAF MLA), under the terms stipulated by IAF.

Versions of marks

  • Inspection Body
  • Testing and Calibration Laboratory
  • Certification Body (CP and CS)