General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for registration to the event Accreditation Day (hereinafter called “the Event”) and cancellation of registration prior to the Event date.

1 General

The general terms and conditions regulate the procedures of registration and cancellation of registration to the Event prior to the date of the Event; protection of personal data; and execution of the Event.

The general terms and conditions for registration and cancellation of registration to the Event (hereinafter called “the General Terms and Conditions” refer to the Event organized by Slovenian Accreditation (hereinafter called “the Organizer”).

The General Terms and Conditions shall constitute a part of the registration form for the Event, regardless of the form of the registration (written, via website, by phone, or in any other equivalent manner, which identifies a person or several persons and the Event to which the person/s have registered). Each registered person shall fully, irrevocably and unconditionally accept the General Terms and Conditions.

The currently applicable version of the General Terms and Conditions shall be published on the Organizer’s website, and may change from time to time. At the time of registration to the Event, the General Terms and Conditions currently published on the website shall apply.

2 Registrations and payment of registration fee

2.1 Registration form

Registration to the Event shall be made by completing the online registration form at

The following data must be entered on registration:

  • Name & Surname * and E-mail* of the participant

Depending on the selected type of participant the following data must be entered:

  • Company or organization: company/organization name*, address*
  • Students: data on the educational institution*, field of study*
  • Journalists: journalist status selection*, media house*
  • Other participants: status*

(The data marked by asterisk* are mandatory. A detailed explanation regarding the protection of personal data is given in clause 6.)

2.2 Payment of registration fee

The amount of registration fee and any discounts allowed by the Organizer are indicated under kotizacija/prijava (Registration fee/Registration) on the web page of the Event.

After the Event, the Organizer will issue an invoice to the address stated in the registration form. The discount will only be accounted for when the Organizer receives the completed registration form by the due date for the discount.

3 Cancellation of registration

Registration to the Event may be cancelled by E-mail to the address

Oral cancellations by phone will not be acceptable.

3.1 Cancellation without the obligation to pay registration fee

The deadline for a written cancellation without the obligation to pay the registration fee shall be 72 hours prior to the hour stated in the Event’s Programme.

3.2 Late cancellation

In the case of cancellation up to one working day (24 hours) prior to the beginning of the Event announced in the Programme, the Organizer will charge you administrative costs totalling 30% of the registration fee. Should the cancellation be made later, you will be charged full registration fee. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (i.e. non working days) shall not be taken into account for cancellation deadline; therefore only the working days preceding the Event shall be considered as the deadline of one working day (24 hours) prior to the Event.

3.3 Cancellation of the Event by the Organizer

The Organizer reserves the right to change the content, date and venue of the Event, as well as to cancel it.

4 Terms and conditions for the participation of accredited journalists at the Event

The organizer will decide whether to allow the journalists who shall accordingly prove their accreditation (journalist ID card, written statement of the editorial board stating the journalist will cover the Event for the needs of the medium and write a report, article, comment, etc. on this Event) to participate at the Event or not.

The Organizer shall have the right, without prior notice or explanation, to deny to journalists the right to participate free of charge at the Event, regardless of the accreditation mentioned above.

5 Students / Student registration fee

Students shall be entitled to special discount on registration fee for the Event. In order to be able to utilize the discount when making registration, a student shall prove his/her identity by a valid personal document, a student card and/or a valid certificate of education. Persons performing a job in addition to studies shall not be entitled to student discount. Student registration fee shall be intended for full-time and part-time undergraduate students.

6 Protection of personal data

The Organizer ensures high level of personal data protection, and undertakes to carefully safeguard and use for the purpose of analyzing the data on participants to the Event, all the personal data stated in the online registration form received by the Organizer; and not to provide to third parties the data referring to individual persons without their consent. The persons registered to the Event shall allow the processing of their personal data and the data of the persons stated in the online registration form for the above-mentioned purpose. The persons stated in the online registration form may require, at any time, that the Organizer permanently or temporarily stops using their personal data stated in the online registration form; that they have the right of access to their personal data and the right to contact the Organizer at the addresses stated on the website and in these General Terms and Conditions, should they want to look at, correct, change or update their personal data in the Organizer’s database. Should the participant require so, the Organizer is obliged to prevent accordingly, within 15 days, the use of personal data, and to inform the participant to this effect within further 5 days. The expenses of all acts in this relation shall be covered by the Organizer.

7 Contents of lectures

The contents of the lectures presented at the Event shall express solely the views of the authors/lecturers, and not necessarily also those of the organizations in which they are employed, or those of the Organizer.

8 Validity

These Terms and Conditions shall be valid as from 10 October 2014.