The first accreditation activities, which later led to the establishment of Slovenian Accreditation, started in the Standards and Metrology Institute (SMIS) within the framework of certification and testing even before 1995, when SMIS was assigned the tasks of national accreditation service based on a modified Standardization Act. For that purpose, the Slovenian Accreditation Sector was established within SMIS (SMIS-SA), which was later transformed into a public institute, based on the Accreditation Act (RS OG, No. 59/99) and on the Decision on the Establishment of Public Institute Slovenian Accreditation.

Since then, Slovenian Accreditation has been active as a public institute authorised by the State to perform as the only, independent and non-profit institution, the assignments of national accreditation service in the regulated and non-regulated sectors, and to represent the interests of the Republic of Slovenia in the international accreditation cooperations.  Slovenian Accreditation is responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining a professional, independent and impartial accreditation system in Slovenia, and for performing the related assignments.

The accreditation system in Slovenia complies with the requirements of  Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 on accreditation and market surveillance; SA has been organised and is performing in compliance with the standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17011:2018, and it also complies with the rules of the international associations for accreditation (EAILAC and IAF). Thus it provides transparent, credible and internationally comparable performance of accreditation system in Slovenia.