Slovenian Accreditation Board

The Slovenian Accreditation Board (SA Board) is SA’s governing body consisting of 15 members. The assignments of the Board are to discuss and approve the Statutes and internal regulations concerning requirements for accreditation, rules of procedure as well as internal organisation and job classification. The SA Board also discusses and approves SA’s development programme, the annual work programme of SA, and the report on the annual work programme implementation. SA must also send in its financial plan and rates for its services to the SA Board for discussion and approval.

Besides the representatives of the Founder, i.e. the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, and a representative of the SA employees, the SA Board consists of representatives of various interested parties in Slovenia, such as CABs, industry, trade organisations, consumers, metrology system and professional associations.

Current members of the SA Board are the following:

The Founder’s representatives (The Government of the Republic of Slovenia) (6 members), namely:

  • Ms Irena Možek Grgurevič (Ministry of Economic Development and Technology),  Chair of the Board
  • Ms Barbara Steblovnik (Ministry of Health)
  • Ms Zorana Komar (Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning)
  • Mr Robert Jerončič (Ministry of Infrastructure)
  • Mrs Samo Zorc (Ministry of Public administraton)
  • Mr Janez Posedi (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food)

Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (4 members), namely:

  • Ms Tatjana Malešič (Kmetijska zadruga Metlika)
  • Mr Igor Likar (SIQ) (CAB representative), Deputy Chairman
  • Mr Igor Jeromel (TCL) (CAB representative)
  • Mr Emil Žerjal (NLZOH)

Representative of the Slovenian Engineers Association

  • Mr Iztok Golobič (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

Representative of teh Slovenian Consumers’ Association

  • Mr Boštjan Okorn (Mednarodni inštitut za potrošnike raziskave)

Representative of the Centre for Non-Governmental Organisations from among NGOs in the field of environmental protection, which act in public interest and feature in the register of NGOs (kept by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food)

  • Mr Gregor Cerar (CNVOS)

Employees’ representative

  • Mrs Katja Otrin Debevc (SA)
  • Mrs Barbara Mali (SA)